CDSR’20 2020 - 7th International Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics edit

final submission deadline:2020.07.10
Geographical:Niagara Falls, Canada
Call For Papers

Interested authors, researchers, and industrial experts are invited to submit their papers to the conference that best resonates with their technical background. At the same time, attendees are permitted, and encouraged, to attend talks from co-located conferences.

Adaptive Control

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automotive Control Systems

Bio-Inspired Systems and Control

Cloud Computing in Control Applications

Communication Systems

Computational Intelligence

Control Applications in New Energy Resources

Control Engineering and Education

Control in Healthcare

Control Theory in Economics

Cooperative Systems

Discrete Event Systems

Distributed Control

Embedded Control

Energy Grid Control

Estimation and Identification

Factory Modeling and Automation

Fault Detection

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Fuzzy Systems

Integrated Manufacturing

Intelligent and AI Based Systems

Learning Systems

Linear and Nonlinear Control

Man-machine Interactions

Manufacturing Systems Control

Marine Control Systems

Micro and Nano Systems

Modeling of Complex Systems

Motion Control

Multi-agent Systems

Networked Control

Neural Systems

Optimal Control

Petri-nets and Applications

Planning and Scheduling

Process Control, Automation, and Instrumentation

Quantum Control

Real-time Systems


Robust and H∞ Control

Sensor Networks

Vision in Control

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