GEASC 2019 - Global Engineering & Applied Science Conference edit

final submission deadline:2019.04.27
Geographical:Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, Japan
Call For Papers

Paper in the fields of Biological Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power & Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering and Technology, and related areas may also be considered. Audiences are welcome to join the conference for research and opinions exchanging. The conference will also feature a Keynote Address.

GEASC Website:

Topics are listed but not limited to,

Biological Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Computer Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering

Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Power & Energy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Information Engineering and Technology

Visit GEASC Website for more sub-fields.

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