2023 8th International Conference on Computer and Information Processing Technology (ISCIPT 2023) edit

final submission deadline:2023.05.21
Geographical:Hangzhou, China
Call For Papers

1. Computer Science and Technology

Development research and engineering applications

Virtual Reality Application Technology

Mobile Internet Application Technology

Computer Network

Computer Security Programming

Applied Cryptography

Internet of Things, mobile and embedded architectures

Programming languages or architecture support for software development

Highly reliable processors and system architectures

Image processors and heterogeneous computing

Cloud computing

2. Information and Communication Engineering

Optical networks

New architectures for optical routers and switches

New technologies for optical fiber

Information and scientific visualization

Communication networks

Internet of Things (IoT)

High-performance integrated circuits

New Panel Display

Information Processing

Speech and Image Processing

Pattern Recognition and Devices

Information Systems and Security

Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Signal and Processing

Communication Technology

Information Management Systems

5G Communication and Signal Processing

5G application technology, development


Conference Secretary: Pearl Wu

E-mail: ISCIPT

Tel: +86-15217204403 (WeChat)

QQ: 3309133821

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