The 2019 International Conference on Building Energy Conservation, Thermal Safety and Environmental Pollution Control (ICBTE2019) edit

abstract submission deadline:2019.10.28
full paper submission deadline:2019.10.28
final submission deadline:2019.10.28
notification of acceptance date:2019.11.01
Geographical:Anhui Jianzhu University
Organization:安徽建筑大学(环境与能源工程学院) 、 水污染控制与废水资源化安徽省重点实验室 、 安徽省绿色建筑先进技术研究院与安徽省智慧城市工程技术中心
Contact phone:+86-18102545612
Conference Description

The 2019 International Conference on Building Energy Conservation, Thermal Safety and Environmental Pollution Control (ICBTE2019) will be held on November 1-3, 2019 at Anhui Jianzhu University. ICBTE2019 is jointly sponsored by Anhui Institute of Building Research & Design, Anhui Smart City Research EngineeringTechnology Center, Anhui key laboratory of water pollution control and wastewater resource, Anhui Jianzhu University, School of Environment and Energy Engineering, Brest State Technical University of Belarus, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineerin of Russia.

We look forward to meeting with you at Anhui Jianzhu University to exchange new ideas face to face and discuss the key challenges in this field, with a view to promoting the development and application of new theories, new technologies, new processes and new equipment in the fields of building energy conservation, thermal safety and environmental pollution prevention and control.


1. As Conference Papers (EI) 

All papers, both invited and contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers of ICBTE 2019 will be published and will be submitted to EI and CPCI for indexing


Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Ultra-low energy consumption building technology

2. Integrated application of renewable energy in buildings

3. Energy conservation renovation of green buildings and existing buildings

4. Urban public safety

5. Monitoring and control of air pollution

6. Monitoring and treatment of water pollution

7. Monitoring and control of soil pollution

8. Other relevant fields

Conference Speakers

Prof. Alexander Inavov

Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineerin, 


Research Area:

Development of Interactive Monitoring System;Water Quality Monitoring of Lake Reservoir

Key qualifications:

 Lecturer on environment related sciences including environmental monitoring, environmental expertise, informational systems for environment protection, risk assessment, projects assessment (Lecturer at NNSUACE, 1999-present moment) 

 Expert of International council on monuments and sites Russia , (ICOMOS, since 2016 –present moment)

Key Publications:

There are 20 published articles, including the development of interactive monitoring system for urban environmental impact assessment, online monitoring of water quality in lake reservoirs based on in-situ, and so on.

Prof. Yaqian Zhao

University College Dublin,Republic of Ireland

The "one hundred plan" distinguished professor in shaanxi province, China

The Irish engineer association (IEI) managing director

International water association (FIWA)

Research Area:

1. Research on Non-traditional Sewage Treatment Technology

2. Research on new constructed wetland sewage treatment

3. Waterworks sludge regulation, dehydration and disposal works

4. Water and sewage treatment works

5. Research on water quality ecological restoration of surface water (rivers, lakes, bays, etc.)

Scientific research:

1. Professor zhao yagan has 22 years of teaching and research experience in water pollution control in the UK and Ireland, and is an international scholar in the field of constructed wetland sewage treatment technology; He participated in 10 scientific research projects.

2. Professor zhao yagan has published 437 English papers, 235 of which have been included in SCI. His team's work has been reported repeatedly in Water 21, ICE, IEI and The Irish Times.

Prof. Guijian Liu

University of Science and Technology, China

Research Area:

Environmental chemistry; Environmental geochemistry (including environmental organic geochemistry

Trace elements and health; Environmental engineering and management

Environment and safety; Geology; Environmental geochemistry

Rector, Prof. Aliaksandr V. Drahan

Brest State Technical University, Belarus 

Vice-Rector , 

Associate Prof. Nikolay N. Shalobyta

Brest State Technical University, Belarus 

Prof. Anatoli Borovoi

Institute of Atmospheric Optics, RAS

Prof.Shuwei Wang

North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,China

Research Area:

1. Multiphase flow and heat transfer

2. boiler hydrodynamics

3. reactor heat transfer safety

4. coal combustion and pollutant treatment

5. high-efficiency fluid power transmission

Scientific research:

1. He  Presided over 1 national key research and development project, 2 national natural science fund projects (cooperation), 1 China postdoctoral fund project and 1 863 subproject, participated in 1 national 973 subproject, 1 863 subproject and 1 national natural science fund project; 

2. He  Presided over 1 science and technology innovation outstanding youth fund in Henan province, 1 science and technology innovation team project in colleges and universities in Henan province, 1 innovation talent plan project in colleges and universities in Henan province and 3 key projects in the province.  

3. He presided over more than 10 key research projects for industrial enterprises.

Why attend this conference
  • 见刊后提交至EI/CPCI检索,目前该期刊EI和CPCI检索非常稳定。
  • 额外征集10篇优秀论文发表到SCI期刊,录满截止,欢迎投稿!
  • 本会议是AEIC学术交流中心系列会议,均已在科学网和中国知网发布。
  • 所有录用的论文将以会议论文集形式出版
  • 所有的投稿都必须经过2-3位组委会专家审稿
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